Southern Fried Asian: CAAM’s #DiverseSouth Project

In February, the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) held its first convening of Asian American filmmakers in the South. Dubbed, “Beyond Borders: Diverse Voices of the American South,” the event brought together these filmmakers and organizers to Durham, North Carolina to build community. On a new episode of Southern Fried Asian, Keith talks to two of the filmmakers — Matthew Hashiguchi and Hanul Bahm — as well as CAAM’s Talent Development & Special Projects Manager Sapana Sakya.

Together, they discuss origins of CAAM’s interest in assembling Asian American filmmakers in the South (1:30). Hanul reveals her initial unease in identifying as a Southerner (6:00) and Matthrew equates the South with growing up in the Midwest (10:15). Matthew also discusses his film Good Luck Soup and the connection the South and Midwest have to Japanese American internment (20:00), while Hanul considers exploring the South more in her films (21:45). Then, Sapana highlights the intersectionality at the center of the project (34:00) before each of them share their favorite food memories of the South (37:00). Finally, Sapana shares what she feels is in the future of the Diverse Voices project (44:00).

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