What To Do For Anime Expo 2018!

Anime Expo, one of my favorite conventions of the year has come around again and I can’t wait to share the cool things I look forward to doing there with you all! With my writing partner Josephine Chang we’ll be attending for all of the days from July 5 to July 8 so here are the highlights you should most definitely check out:


m-flo presents “OTAQUEST LIVE” powered by LDH USA
TIME & DATE: Thursday, July 5. 4pm, Microsoft Theater

A music festival featuring Japan’s biggest stars. This jam-packed event will unite dance music & J-Pop lovers in celebration. Energized by legendary Japanese group m-flo and PKCZ®, LDH USA aims to increase the popularity of Japanese pop music & culture. This event will feature the first-ever US performances of m-flo and PKCZ®! Additional artists include: Crystal KayYUC’eMasayoshi IimoriYASUTAKA NAKATAHachioji P, and TeddyLoid.

AMV Competition
TIME & DATE: Thursday, July 5. 8pm, Main Events (Hall B)

The Anime Music Video (AMV) Competition is a visual rhapsody of music and anime featuring a wild assortment of music videos created by fans just like you. Out of hundreds of submissions received every year, we meticulously curate an electrifying selection of Drama, Action, Sentimental, Fun, Rhythm, and Comedy videos in a professionally presented three-hour event where you pick the winner!


Fashion Show
TIME & DATE: Friday, July 6. 1230pm, Main Events (Petree Hall)

Japan is home to some of the most cutting-edge fashion trends in the world, and each year, Anime Expo takes pride in its efforts to showcase and introduce variety of Japanese fashion each year. Since the first Fashion Show in 2012, AX has featured over ten different authentic Japanese clothing brands, as well as a new generation of models. Attendees are able to shop each brands’ offerings in the Exhibit Hall, as well as meet the designers and guest models for autograph signings and/or photo opportunities. The Anime Expo 2018 Fashion Show will feature Japanese brands ACDC Rag with designer Rimma Doi and participation from Menhera-chan creator Bisuko Ezaki, Listen Flavor with guest model Haruka Kurebayashi, HYPER CORE, KINGLY MASK with guest model CHISA, and US-based Lolita brand, I Do Declare.


Masquerade & WCS US Finals
TIME & DATE: Saturday, July 7. 8pm, Main Events (Hall B)

The Anime Expo Masquerade is a cosplay and performance competition which has been running for over 20 years.  Anime Expo is excited to host the US preliminary for World Cosplay Summit (WCS), which began in Osu, Nagoya in 2003 and has grown to include 30 countries and regions from around the world. The AX 2018 Masquerade will also feature a special performance by Kim Chi!


Funimation Presents Attack on Titan Season 3 Panel and World Premiere
TIME & DATE: Sunday, July 8. 1130am, Main Events (Hall B)

We’re excited to host the world premiere of Attack on Titan season 3, ahead of the July 22 Japan air date! Come meet the Japanese and English voice actors for Eren Jaeger in Attack on TitanYuki Kaji (My Hero Academia) and Bryce Papenbrook (Sword Art Online) as they discuss Season 3 and their past experiences. Plus, all attendees who join the Attack on Titan season 3 world premiere will receive a panel exclusive item from Funimation!

I know there’s a lot more than these five events to check out but these are the ones I am most certainly excited about so do yourself a favor and try to get tickets for these ASAP. In addition to these events, if you want to get some gaming on, the eGaming area has 70+ current and past generation consoles available from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Featuring brand new titles as well as tried and true favorites, the eGaming area is a must-see for video game fans.


A wide variety of modern and vintage arcade games, both domestic and from Japan, are also available in the Entertainment Hall. You can try out some of the new or unusual games, play an old favorite, or show off a little on your favorite machine. But for my writing partner, Josephine, she is most excited about some game that’s been in the making for a decade or so:


If you like dance parties a la EDM mixed with anime fandom, the parties AX have here will be right up your alley. Out of all the conventions I’ve been to, the dance parties at other conventions don’t even come close to the sheer absurdity and intensity that we will be experiencing here. The lineup is also pretty staggering so be sure to check them out here.

Boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and.

To conclude this, like in the previous years, we’ll be covering all the fantastic cosplay we will be seeing around the convention so be sure to follow our adventures at The Nerds of Color Twitter account!

Cosplay is awesome.