Wakanda and Migration: #BlackFreedomBeyondBorders

We are living in a world where people are moving around the earth almost as fast as information. Most of us will not be buried in the soil of our birth. We move for different reasons: safety, opportunities, whims. What is gained and lost from these migrations?


Black Freedom Beyond Borders: A Wakanda Immigration Anthology explores these questions, and so much more.

This is a very powerful anthology. It really shows what fan culture can do when it is married to ideas larger than the original fan property. There are some heavy-hitters in here. Everyone brought their A-game.

Another note: My first piece of fiction to be seen by anyone, other than the editors who rejected it, is in this collection.

And it’s free? You can get it right here.

Shouts out to: Intelligent Mischief, Wakanda Dream Lab, Movement Strategy Center, Power Californa