Southern Fried Asian: Aisha Yaqoob

With less than a week to go before Election Day, Southern Fried Asian sits down with a candidate to represent the 97th District in the Georgia House, Aisha Yaqoob!

Aisha tells Keith about how her parents immigrated from Pakistan and eventually to Georgia (2:00) and her experience growing up in the South as an American Muslim (5:00). She also recounts how she founded a Muslim voter registration organization and became more active in the political arena (11:30). Then, they try to figure out ways to get people more involved in midterm elections (15:30), why Georgia’s not really a red state (17:00), and how to get more voters to turn out every cycle (20:00), why it’s important for progressives to compete in every election (23:00), and how to push back against voter suppression (25:00). Finally, Aisha describes finding Halal chicken bánh mì for a recent rally and why Korean coffee shops will always remind her of home (33:00).

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