The Tethered are Coming to Your Home with ‘Us’ on 4K Ultra HD

Northern California is where the breakdown of American society begins in Jordan Peele’s second feature film Us. You can be a part of the tethered family by picking up the 4K ultra HD Blu-Ray DVD or streaming on demand today!

Adelaide Wilson returns to her childhood home in Santa Cruz for a family vacation. Unfortunately, past trauma creeps up, preventing her from having a good time. A string of bizarre coincidences keeps her hypervigilant. She knows something is coming for her, but what is it?

As the night comes on, the Wilson family is confronted by shadow figures in their driveway and after a scuffle, discover these figures are doppelgängers who want to eliminate them once and for all. Adelaide and her family must fight to survive the onslaught of doubles coming from the depths of Santa Monica before she is erased from existence. 

Universal pulled no punches to make sure everyone knew the tethered is coming to all homes. One of them even came to my house. 

With the blu-ray in tow, fans can deep dive into the themes, imagery, and symbolism of Hands Across America, 11:11, Rabbits, and doppelgängers. Take a look at what’s inside the box:

Here are the extras you can expect to see on the 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray DVD:

Exclusive Bonus features including a behind the scenes look at making three important scenes from the film including The Tyler House Massacre, Jason’s Abduction, and Adelaide’s underground flashback. 

There’s also six deleted scenes

  • I’m Not Even Near You
  • Rabbit Season
  • That’s Badass
  • Driftwood
  • The P is Silent
  • I wanna go home

In addition, there are scene outtakes, and an extended version of the dance sequence that takes place in the underground cloning facility. 

Of course that’s not all, but I don’t want to give all the extras away. To find out what’s inside you’ll need to pick up your copy of Jordan Peele’s Us in 4K Ultra HD today!