Catch Jamie Lee Curtis in the Final Trailer for ‘Halloween Kills’

September is almost over, which means October is here, which means it’s officially spooky season. And what better way to ring in said season than with one of the icons of Halloween? Enter Jamie Lee Curtis in the final trailer for Halloween Kills, coming to theaters and streaming only on Peacock, October 15. The franchise’s latest installment is the 12th in a series that has come to encapsulate the true spirit of the night it’s named after.

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New Official Poster for ‘Last Night in Soho’ Drops

We are gearing up for the release of Edgar Wright’s latest masterpiece, Last Night in Soho! After earning rave reviews out of the Venice Film Festival, Wright is ready to shake up cinema once again for audiences everywhere, as the film makes its debut on October 29!

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NOC Interview: Tiffany Haddish Discusses Her New Film, ‘The Card Counter’

Tiffany Haddish stars as La Linda in Focus Features’ The Card Counter. The film is a new dark thriller that comes from Paul Schrader and deals with both the idea of redemption and revenge. The Card Counter hits theaters on September 10.

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New Trailer for ‘Last Night in Soho’ Will Haunt Your Dreams

Upon its debut at the Venice Film Festival last week, Edgar Wright’s latest received rave reviews, promising that we’re in for a night we’ll never forget! And why wouldn’t this be the case? Wright is arguably one of the best writer-directors working in the industry today!

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‘Candyman’ and the Importance of On-Screen Black Positivity

So it’s August 24, 2021. Well, obviously not today, unless I finally caught a time traveler in the act, but that was the day I saw Candyman in theaters. Which for the sake of this article, is a very important date.

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Bond is Back in the Final Trailer for ‘No Time To Die’

It’s a fine day for trailers, folks! In addition to this morning’s surprise drop of the next future horror classic from James Wan, we’re now being treated to the final trailer for the Daniel Craig’s last ride as 007, No Time To Die!

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‘Candyman’ is Horror with Something on its Mind

Candyman (2021) is Nia DaCosta’s conversation with the original 1992 classic. You know the story: in 1870, freed slave Daniel Robitaille (the amazing Tony Todd) was an artist who fell in love with a white woman. Her father had him tortured, mutilated and killed, his left hand replaced with a hook. Say his name five times while looking in the mirror, the story goes, and he will return and seek vengeance.

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See the Trailer for Justin Chon’s ‘Blue Bayou’

You know I’m a sucker for stories featuring Asian Americans in the south. That’s why I created a whole podcast to highlight said stories. So you better believe I’ll be at the theater on September 17 when Focus Features’ Blue Bayou is released!

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Southern Fried Asian: Sung Kang

Justice is coming to Southern Fried Asian! Ahead of the world premiere of F9, the latest installment of The Fast Saga, its fan-favorite star Sung Kang joins the podcast to talk about the film and growing up in Georgia.

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Justin Lin on the Future of the ‘Fast Saga’ and Han’s Relationship with Shaw

With the upcoming release of the ninth installment of the Fast Saga F9, The Nerds of Color got to chat with director Justin Lin about the 20-year franchise and how the movies have evolved — including the theme of family.

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NOC Review: ‘F9’ is F-ing Ridiculous… Yet Still Sorta Fun!

I’ll say it upfront right now, this is probably the most ridiculous installment yet in terms of what they try to get away with in this one. I mean even for a franchise where someone can crash a car through three skyscrapers and survive without a scratch, they do stuff here that just makes zero sense, and it’s incredibly laughable because of it. But let’s be honest, we know the franchise is going to try crap like this, because the filmmakers are blissfully aware about how stupid all of this is, and that makes it honestly a lot more acceptable.

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Furious Fun at the ‘F9’ Press Conference

Very few franchises have had an enduring 20 year lifespan that’s still revving up the box office. But back in 2001, we were introduced to Dominic Toretto and his family, and since then, movie theaters have never been the same. When you think about The Fast Saga, it is an unparalleled accomplishment; a franchise in Hollywood that was written off after its third installment, before making a monumental comeback after reinventing itself as an ensemble heist/spy series that was capable of enduring 15 more years.

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Full Trailer for ‘Last Night in Soho’ Promises a Nightmare to Remember

On Sunday, we got our first glimpse of the fever nightmare that the mad genius, Edgar Wright, is gifting to the world. Today we get the whole enchilada! Check out the trailer for the insanity right here:

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First Footage from Edgar Wright’s ‘Last Night in Soho’ Debuts

Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Baby Driver) is frankly one of those directors who never misses. He knows film, loves film, is a student of film, and a teacher of film all in one! His kinetic style, attention to detail, and passion for the craft oozes out of every frame of cinema he directs, and the audience (and the state of filmmaking as a whole) is all the better for it. And whenever his name drops, much like that of Tarantino, Bong-Joon Ho, or Guillermo Del Toro, you can’t help but gasp in anticipation for what he’s going to do next.

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Official Trailer for ‘Boogie’ by Eddie Huang

From acclaimed writer, producer, and restaurateur Eddie Huang comes his directorial debut Boogie, the coming-of-age story of Alfred “Boogie” Chin, a basketball phenom living in Queens, New York, who dreams of one day playing in the NBA. While his parents pressure him to focus on earning a scholarship to an elite college, Boogie must find a way to navigate a new girlfriend, high school, on-court rivals and the burden of expectations.

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They Are Still Killing Radio Raheem

In just over a month, Spike Lee’s masterful Do the Right Thing will be 31 years old. Me and a group of friends skipped out of our summer work program to see the film. We were budding Black and Brown cineastes who marveled at Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It and begged our caretakers and school counselors to help us apply to HBCUs after viewing School Daze (and A Different World) — well, those of us who could activate our dream machinery enough to believe we could escape the projects and could make it in university. It was the summer before our senior year and we all knew that in a year’s time, things would be different. Some of us would be off to the military. Some of us would go to either a four-year college or a junior college. Some of us would go directly into the workforce. And there was me. I had no idea what was waiting for me after high school. All I knew was that as soon as I graduated (if I graduated) I was running as far away and as fast as I could from my abusive mother. I didn’t care where. I just needed to get the hell out of that house. All this was bouncing around in my head as the lights dimmed. Continue reading “They Are Still Killing Radio Raheem”

‘Fast & Furious’ Dawn of Justice For Han

If there was ever any doubt that the Fast & Furious franchise was the most important movie saga in cinematic history, the trailer for its ninth and latest episode (tenth, I guess, if you count Hobbs & Shaw) basically solidifies that The Fast Saga has surpassed Avengers and Star Wars. I mean, just look at this:

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Make a Plan to Get ‘Parasite’ on Blu-ray

Bong Joon-Ho’s latest cinema classic, Parasite, has been dominating Awards season — starting last summer when it won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Now in time for its potential historic showing at the Academy Awards, Parasite is now available to own on blu-ray and DVD via Universal Pictures and NEON. And don’t forget we’re giving away copies of the blu-ray!

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Glory to the Holy ‘Parasite’ Blu-ray Giveaway

In the midst of a historic run through Award Season — including a win for best ensemble cast at the Screen Actors Guild Awards — Parasite finally comes to home video via Universal Pictures and NEON. And we’ve got copies of the blu-ray that we’re giving away!

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007 has ‘No Time to Die’ in the New Bond Trailer!

Bond is back! The trailer for the new 007 film,  No Time to Die just dropped today, and it’s trending pretty high. It’s been four years since the last 007 film, Spectre, which was seen as a bit of a disappointment following the dynamite showcase that was Skyfall. But the always amazing Daniel Craig is stepping back into the tux of the world’s greatest MI6 agent for one final gloriously amazing martini, and he’s bringing Oscar-winner, Rami Malek with him!

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NOC Review: ‘Last Christmas’ Did Not Give Its Heart

Last Christmas really tried.

It really did.

It had the makings of a cute, cheesy Christmas romantic comedy. The film stars Emilia Clarke as a 20-something Londoner who lost her moral way after a life-changing surgery and Henry Golding as the man who helps her find her way back. It had the perfect cheesy formula and all perfectly wrapped during Christmas. The film even had a great supporting cast with Michelle Yeoh and Emma Thompson.

What many were hoping for a story similar to Love Actually (which Thompson also starred in) ended up with an awkward coming-of-age Brexit Christmas story.

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