‘The Mandalorian’ Serves Up a Bunch of Easter Eggs

Star Wars fans are already excited over the anticipated release of Disney+ on November 12 because it will premiere the first episode of The Mandalorian, a whole new story about a lone Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) five years after the fall of the Empire.

With an entire new story and new characters, Star Wars fans may be looking for any reminiscence of the Star Wars canonical history.

“I didn’t realize there were a lot of [Easter eggs]. I guess there is,” Executive producer and writer Jon Favreau mused during The Mandalorian press conference last month.

Favreau teased the pulse rifle and Life Day are mentioned in the first season as well as weapons seen in the Star Wars history. For those who are unaware of Life Day, it is a holiday observed by Wookiees on their home planet and was shown in the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, which when audiences was first introduced to Boba Fett.

“There are ways that, even though we have new characters in it and you can jump in because it’s chapter one, we wanted to make sure that if you were watching and you knew about it,” said Favreau. “This is where [executive producer and director] Dave [Filoni] has been a treasure trove because we tried to work stuff in, whether it’s humorously, like making a reference to Life Day, or a reference to a prop that has been appreciated by a core group over time, just putting those little Easter eggs in; or big movements in the story that reflect storylines in either the Legends or in canon that people have known. All of the animated content that Dave’s been working on. How do you weave it all together that you don’t have these divided segmented parts of the audience but you could bring it all together and coalesce it in a way that creates an overarching narrative and awards the people who have been putting the time over the years since they were kids.”

Filoni joked, “It’s fun reading Jon’s take on Star Wars and I would read and go ‘Oh, I see the Holiday Special is back.’ I give him a hard time about it.”

Even with all the Easter eggs, Favreau wanted to assure audiences that everything they have done, even if it seems off canon, is following a larger picture.

Favreau said, “There is a discipline about it. Let’s make sure that we are authentic, discipline, and cohesive.”

The Mandalorian premieres on November 12 on Disney+.