Jason Chu Music Video Fights for Chinatown Restaurant

2020 has been a hard year for the entire world and for some business owners, the complete loss of their livelihood. Poet/Rapper/Activist, Jason Chu, recently reached out to The Nerds of Color to tell us the story of one of his favorite Los Angeles Hot Spots and how his latest single “AYCE” shines the spotlights on ‘Hop Woo Chinese BBQ & Seafood Restaurant’ and why we should support this Chinatown institution.

“Hop Woo, a small LA Chinatown restaurant owned by my friend’s family, has been struggling to make rent since the onset of COVID-19 anti-Asian racism and quarantine. Once a late-night staple, Hop Woo has opened a Gofundme campaign, released store merch, and pivoted to takeout, fighting to stay open.

With producer Matthew Jamison and videographer Sakyboi, I shot and released “AYCE” (All You Can Eat), a music video single reminding people of the lights, flavors, and importance of our Chinatown communities. We hope it might draw attention to Hop Woo, and inspire others to support Asian American family businesses in their own areas.

You can watch “AYCE” on Facebook and YouTube now and stream it on SpotifySoundcloudApple MusicAmazon, and all other DSPs.

~ Jason Chu

I recently sat down with Jason to learn more about the situation and talk about his single ‘AYCE‘ and here is more of what he had to say:

Show your SUPPORT for Hop Woo by going to their GoFundMe.


“This is our 26th year and it’s been the hardest one yet. With everything that’s been going on with the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s been hard to stay open. If we close, we will lose everything Lupe & Judy have worked so hard for.

It’s an honor and privilege to be a part of the Chinatown and Los Angeles community for 26+ years. We’ve made lots of friends and it’s a joy to serve the people and keep their belly’s full.

Any amount you can donate will be much appreciated. Even ordering food from us and letting us cook for you a while longer will be of much help.

For more info on Jason Chu, go to www.jasonchumusic.com!

For more info on Hop Woo, go to www.hopwoo.com!