ShoPowSho Episode 004: ‘Lumpia With A Vengeance’ Comic Creators!

Psst. Psst. Hoy! We have a new episode of the ShoPowSho!

In our fourth episode, we welcome the comics creators from the Lumpia With A Vengeance: Prelude #1 comic book: Patricio Ginelsa, Lawrence Iriarte, Justin Quizon, Dante Fernandez, Jeffrey Fulgencio and Varinder Singh! Seven years ago, their supporters crowdfunded the Filipino American movie, Lumpia With A Vengeance. And now, with the movie making its film festival debut this Saturday at the Hawai’i International Film Festival (HIFF), their supporters have crowdfunded the comic book prelude that has just been released to coincide with the film’s premiere!

Lumpia With A Vengeance: Prelude #1 is a super-sized 40 page comic book one-shot produced, published, and distributed independently by Kid Heroes Productions, the same production company behind the Lumpia movies. Read Kuya P’s review here.

ShoPowSho explores Filipino and Filipino American history and culture; along with spotlighting and featuring Filipinos throughout various fields of industry to help showcase the amazing contributions they have provided to our world. Please join me, Kuya P, and my wonderful co-hosts, or as I like to affectionately call them, “The Amazing Ates” Kataphorric and Viva Valentina!



PATRICIO GINELSA, Director Lumpia With A Vengeance // Comic Book Creative Director. Writer on “Ain’t Nuthin But A G-Dog”, “The Last Temptation of Mon Mon”, “J is for Jemini”. Social Media: @kidheroes and @lumpiamovie

LAWRENCE IRIARTE, Producer Lumpia With A Vengeance // Comic Book Editor in Chief, Letterer. Writer, Artist on “Soggy Roll, Foggy Town”. Social Media: @lawrenceiriarte

JUSTIN QUIZON, Associate Producer Lumpia With A Vengeance // Comic Book Writer on “This Man Emoji”. Social Media: @justinquiz

VARINDER SINGH, Executive Producer Lumpia With A Vengeance // Comic Book Writer on “The Life of Bob”. Social Media: @varjas916

DANTE FERNANDEZ, Comic Book Variant Cover Artist // Artist on “This Man Emoji”. Social Media: @mashface38

JEFFREY FULGENCIO, Comic Book Regular Cover Artist // Artist on “Ain’t Nuthin But A G-Dog” and “The Last Temptation of Mon Mon”. Social Media: @the_fulgenshow

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For tickets, CLICK HERE: or…/detail/lumpia_with_a_vengeance_2020 (NATIONWIDE viewing party). Note: Ticketholders in the US can only access the film at, ROKU, Amazon Fire, or Apple TV Device with the “Hawaii International Film Fest” app downloaded.

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