Shawn’s New Podcast

Hello NOCers. I hope all of you are surviving our new reality as best you can.

My new podcast, Surviving Creativity drops today. It’s been a complete and total labor of love. I was trying to distill all these thoughts I had around creativity, creativity as a vocation, the artist’s relationship to money, and how to get over and through the things that block us from being creative.

Surviving Creativity is a mircodose of tips and tricks, motivation and inspiration, and a some stories to help you successfully navigate the creative life.

Each episode of the first two seasons (8-10 episodes each) will be no longer than 25 minutes. The third and final season’s episodes will be longer. Here is a breakdown of the seasons:

Season One: All about creative productivity.

Season Two: All about art, artists, and money.

Season Three: Interviews with my favorite creatives.

You can listen to Surviving Creativity on Apple Podcasts, right here.

If you don’t rock with Apple, you can stream and download from my website.

Here’s a teaser:

If you dig it, please comment, rate, and subscribe. If you find it valuable, please share.

Thanks to you all.


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