NOC Exclusive Interview: Director, Dante Lam, of ‘The Rescue’

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down for a NOC Exclusive interview with Director, Dante Lam, behind the CMC Pictures film The Rescue, starring Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng! Boasting one of the biggest budgets ever for a Chinese film at $100 million, the stunt- and pyrotechnic-filled spectacle features an A-list Hollywood production team that includes Academy Award-winning cinematographer Peter Pau (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), production designer Martin Laing (Titanic, Clash of the Titans) and special effects supervisor John Frazier (Spider-Man, Transformers). The film also stars major Chinese and Taiwanese talent, including Eddie Peng (The Great Wall), Wang Yanlin, Xin Zhilei, and Lan Yingying (Pacific Rim Uprising).

Check out my interview with this amazing Hong Kong filmmaker!

Dante Lam is the largest grossing Hong Kong director to date. The 2016 National Day release of his Operation Mekong gained instant international recognition and grossed $1.18 billion RMB to become the No. 1 hit of the holiday release. In 2018, his action thriller Operation Red Sea was slated for the Chinese New Year release and reeled in $3.65 billion to become the highest grossing film of 2018 and earned the Grand Slam for the Best Director accolade for Lam at the Huabiao Awards, the Hundred Flowers Awards and the Golden Rooster Awards. Riding on the success of Operation Mekong and Operation Red Sea, Lam has become the most bankable director of Chinese films. The Rescue is Lam’s latest entry on his resume. True to his explosive, hot-blooded and tough style, major scenes in the air, on land and at sea will kick up an audio-visual storm that is bound to shock and thrill the audience.

The Rescue is the first film to showcase the China Rescue & Salvage (CRS), a lesser-known division of the Chinese Coast Guard. Founded in 1951, the unit is charged with responding to all maritime emergencies on Chinese waters, which range from shipwreck salvage missions to marine firefighting.

NOW IN THEATERS! Check it out!

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