Hulu’s Teen Sex Comedy ‘Plan B’ Trailer Has Women of Color Leading the Charge

It’s about time we have a sex-fueled teen adventure comedy starring an Asian woman, particularly a South Asian woman. Most of the tween/teen shows have been surrounded by East or Southeast Asian leads and South Asians teens not getting their chance to be horny. Sure, we have Netflix’s Never Have I Ever, which is excellent, but that seems to be it. Also, depictions of South Asian teens have been stuck in a bubble where they are always the straight-laced high school girl who does want to get in trouble, but in the end, decides not to act on it.

In Hulu’s Plan B, Sunny (Kuhoo Verma) is a straight-laced high school student who has her first sexual encounter at a party with her crush, but finds out the condom did not work. Now, with only 24 hours to hunt down Plan B, Sunny and her best friend, Lupe (Victoria Moroles) must drive through America’s heartland to find it. 

Directed by Natalie Morales and written by Prathi Srinivasan and Joshua Levy, the story takes place in South Dakota, where access to birth control and post-care is nearly impossible, so they must drive through hilarious situations in order to finally find it in time. Plan B also has two women of color in the starring roles, which changes the entire dynamics of the story than if it were to star two white women. Sunny’s mother is the typical Indian mother who expects highly from her daughter and is very strict. Lupe, who dresses very alternatively, has to deal with a strict Catholic household. Their cultures provide an added obstacle in obtaining the Plan B pill. Trust me. It does.

Plan B is produced by Harold & Kumar’s Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg; Josh Heald; Dina Hillier (Counterbalance Entertainment); BIG TIME ADOLESCNCE’s Ryan Bennett, Jeremy Garelick; Will Phelps of American High; and, Matt Lottman.

Plan B premieres on May 28 on Hulu.