Hasbro Reveals New and Updated ‘Rogue One’ Black Series Figures and More

During today’s Hasbro livestream celebrating the forthcoming “I Am Your Father’s Day” event, the Star Wars team revealed several new items from their Black Series and Vintage Collection, including multiple Rogue One figures and repaints collectors have been clamoring for since the line debuted in 2016.

Since its inception, I’ve wanted a Bodhi Rook figure — who was inexplicably omitted five years ago — to complete the Rogue One team. Not only is Hasbro finally immortalizing Oscar-nominee Riz Ahmed in plastic, it’s going back and updating the previously released figures with new photo-real paint as well!

Additionally, they’re adding two new figures to the Rogue One display with Target Exclusive versions of Antoc Merrick and Galen Erso (btw — now that we know Hasbro has a Mads Mikkelsen headsculpt in the reserves, how long until we get Kaecilius in the MCU Marvel Legends assortments?)

Check out some pics of the Rogue One figures, as well as reveals from the Archive and Vintage Collection.

Additionally, it was announced that Hasbro Star Wars fans can expect the first-ever HasLab project centered around The Black Series line. Though they didn’t give any details, they did state that it wasn’t going to be a 6-inch scale vehicle. So your guess is as good as mine! More information on the HasLab project to come later this year!