It’s Keaton vs. Q in a New Clip from ‘The Protégé’

Not many folks have this one on their radars, but they really should!

Yesterday, Lionsgate dropped a new clip for their upcoming action extravaganza, The Protégé, which features Maggie Q and Michael Keaton beating the snot out of each other! The clip is brutal, badass, and gives you a glimpse of what to expect when the film hits theaters this fall. Check it out here:

The one thing I really enjoy about this clip is that every hit you see looks hard and realistic. And in a world of films like F9, grounded gritty action is in short supply.

Maggie Q is talented as hell in the action game, and Keaton is… well… he’s Batman. Putting these two together is the embodiment of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object (sorry wrong Batman movie). And I for one, can’t wait to see more!

The Protégé hits theaters on August 20!