New Teaser Website for ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Launches

It’s coming folks! Ever since the buzz came out of Cinema Con two weeks ago the world has been beaming with anticipation to return to The Matrix!

And today, fans are going to get that chance, as WB just launched and dropped the latest teaser poster for the film as well.

In addition to viewing the gorgeous new poster, folks can head to the website to choose between taking the blue or the red pill. And depending on the choice you make, the site will render one of thousands of unique teaser videos possible based on the pill chosen and time of day.

But what does this all mean? Are we in a computer simulated world being rendered and controlled by evil sentinel robots trying to get us hyped for the release of their upcoming movie this Christmas? Or does it mean we have a trailer coming this week?

…the latter. It’s obviously the latter.

Anyway, does The Matrix have you? Let us know!

The Matrix Resurrections hits theaters and HBO Max December 22, 2021!