NOC Interview: Amber Midthunder on The CW’s ‘Roswell, New Mexico’

Amber Midthunder plays Rosa Ortecho on The CW’s hit series Roswell, New Mexico. The show first premiered back in 2019 and is now in its third season. New episodes of season three air Mondays at 8PM. Roswell, New Mexico was already renewed for a fourth season as well!

With Max Evans (Nathan Dean) coming face to face in the final moments of Season 2 with an alien that looks like him… Season 3 will find him, and his alien siblings, tasked to uncover who exactly this mysteries figure is. meanwhile, we’ll find our intrepid Liz Ortecho (Jeanine Mason) living out her dream job, high paid and changing the world in at a lab in California with an ocean view. But a series of events will prove that our one-time lover’s connection might not be severed for good. Which is good timing, as in addition to a mysterious alien that looks just like Max offers context to why our heroes are on Earth in the first place, a mysterious radio signal begins broadcasting across Roswell, Alex Manes (Tyler Blackburn) finds himself in the crosshairs of a new clandestine organization and Michael (Michael Vlamis), Isobel (Lily Cowles) and Rosa (Amber Midthunder) all begin exhibiting new powers. Confusing things even further is an eerie glimpse Maria (Heather Hemmens) gets of the future… Someone they love is going to die.

I spoke with the actress about her favorite season three storylines, being renewed for another season, memorable moments from filming, what she wants to see more of when it comes to Rosa, the rest of this season, and much more! Keep reading to find out everything she shared.

Brian Bowen Smith/The CW

First off, I want to say how amazing season three has been so far. What has been your favorite storyline of the season?
Amber Midthunder: Honestly, I probably had the most fun this season than I have any other, just getting to explore her going in so many new places with who she is, how she’s being written, her abilities, and she’s quite independent this year. I feel like there were so many fun adventures that the whole season probably has been my favorite.

Let’s discuss everything from episode 11.
I mean, there’s a lot at stake, right? They’re trying to save her sister and I guess also Heath, but really her sister. She and Isobel are still working together, looking for the sword, and they’ve been on this whole journey, which is both like adventure and exciting, but also I think they’re both growing quite a bit, learning about themselves, and rebonding. Then, I think you’ll see Rosa kind of find some direction about what she wants to do big picture in her life next and have help from one of our guests in the earlier episodes.

What are your personal favorite dynamics when it comes to Rosa’s relationships and friendships?
For Rosa’s dynamics, I mean, that’s also a cool thing, she’s gotten to explore so many fun relationships this year, honestly, which has been really cool. It started with Wyatt and their whole weird friendship, relationship thing. Then getting to work with Lily, honestly is like so much fun and I love Lily so much. So just anytime I get to spend with her in my life but also at work– like the way that we support and understand each other, both with our characters and us as people, is really fun. Also like getting to work with Michael Vlamis and her having scenes with Guerin is such a cool dynamic. Vlamis is such an interesting and fun scene partner and actor that things him are always very fun, but also their characters together I think their humor and their ideas about things kind of clash and also collaborate in a way that I love watching.

John Golden Britt/The CW

What can you tease about the rest of season three? It has been my favorite so far and I know a lot of fans are just as hyped about it.
Aw, I love that. I mean, I think just more of the same, but bigger. More adventures, more Jones, the stakes are higher, there may or may not be some battling, and there may or may not be more abilities. It’s exciting and if it’s your favorite, I don’t think that you’ll be disappointed by what is to come in the last couple of episodes.

The show was renewed for a season four ahead of season three even premiering so huge congrats on that. What was your reaction when you heard the news?
Yeah! I mean, it is insane, right? That’s intensely flattering and it comes with so many good things. For me, I get to be home and I get to be around this cast that I enjoy so much and all these people, who I have such a good time spending time with. It’s very fortunate news.

You filmed season three with the COVID pandemic and now you’re filming season four with those same safety precautions since the pandemic is still going on. What did it feel like for you to wrap season three with those circumstances and create some really great entertainment for audiences.
I think it’s good to hear that it’s good entertainment because I think that’s always the thing is this new element of like having to do our jobs. I remember everybody talking about how weird it is to rehearse with masks. It’s hard to find, especially in a group that we’ve been together now for a few years and there’s already a groove, there’s a rhythm in the way that we kind of work and we all get along together. Having to rework it was definitely new and frustrating at times, but also, it’s great that we’re very fortunate to be able to still have the show, have our jobs, get to make the show, and still entertain people.

John Golen Britt / The CW

The fan response to Roswell, New Mexico is amazing, so I want to ask you what has been like to hear from the fans about your performance, your character, and just the show in general? What has your experience been like with that?
I mean, it’s really nice to know that people are receptive to what we do or what we’re going for because it’s such a different experience making it vs watching it or even what you feel like when it comes out, what gets used, or how things gets shaped. So it’s nice to know that people– even in like such a fantastical world where there are crazy things like swords, evil twins, aliens and stuff like that– people find something or a character to relate to, feel comforted by, or even distracted by is really nice.

If you could do a crossover event with any other TV show that you are personally a fan of, which would you pick?
Honestly, I have not been watching a lot lately, but I feel like Kung Fu, also on The CW, sounds like such a fun show. I feel like those characters, their world of fighting, and all that stuff with our world would be very fun.

Are there any specific memorable moment from filming season three?
I mean, honestly, there are just so many and I feel like we’re so fortunate to have each other. Really, like I said, Jeanine, Lily, Heather– I talked about like our girl gang, I really do feel like we’re fortunate to have like such a good group of girls, and like the boys are fine too, but it’s just nice to have our group. Honestly, Jeanine and I had so many movie nights on her couch of sister time, and we’d be like, “what are we doing now,” we went through the Halloween season, we went through Christmas. We just have so many cozy gatherings at her place. I feel like that was the best, just us like cooking and spending time together because also, it was the pandemic, we couldn’t really go anywhere. So it truly was just us all having the bubble because that was the cool thing about us having to quarantine, getting tested and stuff. We knew that at least we could spend time together, it was when people weren’t seeing each other. So it was nice to have each other at all and be able to have people that you knew were staying safe. It was nice to go to Jeanine’s house, go to Lily’s house, have a girl’s night, and just being with each other.

The CW

Have you learned anything from playing Rosa that either was just a personal lesson that you’re gonna hold to or an acting lesson that you’re going to use for the rest of your career?
Yeah, I mean, I feel like just the experience of being on this show has challenged me and allowed me to grow so much, and I am so grateful. But in general, I think her addiction challenged me in the sense that it forced me to look at it from an outside perspective and no matter whether we show it or not, the things that I’ve learned, the research that I’ve done, and kind of the perspective that it’s built for me on addiction has been challenging, both as a person and as an actor.

What was your reaction when you read the scripts or found out what the main storyline was going to be for season four?
I’m just excited. At this point, we’re deep enough in that we get to explore a lot of cool things with the characters and relationships. We kind of have the luxury to dive deeper into things and introduce new stuff, so I think just being that far in is exciting.

Do you have any dream storylines for Rosa?
Personally, I have a lot of fun doing stunts. So, I really want her to have a brawl. I want her to fight. Also I love her having powers. I think, that if she uses them, you see her explore a lot of her abilities this year, but I mean, new ones? I wouldn’t be mad about that either.