Lashana Lynch on Being the First Black, Female 007 in ‘No Time to Die’

One day more, until No Time to Die hits theaters everyone! And our final two interviews for 007 week are incredible! Today, I’m pleased to announce we are unveiling our interview with Lashana Lynch, who plays Nomi the first woman of color to inherit the mantle of 007!

Now I realize this seems like a bit of a spoiler for some, but this has been publicized for a while. And we, at The Nerds of Color, wanted to be as transparent as possible in our excitement about the honor of seeing the iconic number be assigned to a terrific actress like Lynch, even if it’s just a plot point in this one. More importantly, we had the honor, ourselves, of getting to speak with the actress, herself, about it.

I’ve been a Lynch fan since we saw her stellar performance as Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel, and I was thrilled to see her join the 007 franchise as well. While she was the heart for Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel, she’s absolutely the muscle here for James Bond. And getting to see her prove how much of a badass she is is evidence enough that the 007 moniker that she wears during this movie is an easy fit! Here’s what she had to say about the role and the 007 legacy:

Stay tuned this week for more interviews coming from the cast of No Time to Die!

Then catch No Time to Die in theaters this Friday, October 8, 2021!