Making 007 Look Good with Costume Designer Suttirat Anne Larlarb

With No Time to Die firing up the box office, Bond is indeed back with style. And for a 60 year beloved franchise known for its good looks, that style is everything. The look of the 007 franchise has been hugely influential on pop culture as we know it today. And for every iteration of such a legendary franchise, the challenge becomes how to make 60 years worth of style look continuously fresh with every film. That’s where famed costume designer, Suttirat Anne Larlarb comes into the picture!

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Rami Malek on Reinventing the Bond Villain in ‘No Time to Die’

No Time to Die is finally here! All week long we’ve been counting down to the release of the movie with interviews with the cast and director, so thank you folks for sticking with us! We’ve been fortunate enough to be graced by the presences of Cary Fukunaga, Jeffrey Wright and Billy Magnussen, Lea Seydoux, and Lashana Lynch! But, as is the case with all Bond villains, we’ve saved the most devious reveal for last! We had a chance to talk to Safin himself – the incredible Oscar and Emmy winning actor, Rami Malek!

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Lashana Lynch on Being the First Black, Female 007 in ‘No Time to Die’

One day more, until No Time to Die hits theaters everyone! And our final two interviews for 007 week are incredible! Today, I’m pleased to announce we are unveiling our interview with Lashana Lynch, who plays Nomi the first woman of color to inherit the mantle of 007!

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Lea Seydoux from ‘No Time to Die’ on the History of the Bond Girl

James Bond will return in two more days! All this week, we’ve been counting down to Daniel Craig’s final appearance as 007 in No Time to Die, hitting theaters this Friday. And as part of the countdown, we’ve revealed our interviews with stars Jeffrey Wright and Billy Magnussen, and director Cary Fukanaga. Today we would like to reveal our interview with leading lady, Lea Seydoux!

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Jeffrey Wright and Billy Magnussen Discuss Their Characters in ‘No Time to Die’

The 007 countdown continues! To commemorate the release of the final Daniel Craig 007 film, No Time to Die, we are delighted to share a series of interviews with the film’s ever talented cast and crew. Yesterday we shared with you our discussion with director Cary Fukunaga. Today we’re sitting down with 007 veteran, and brilliant actor overall, Jeffrey Wright, and new to the 007 franchise (but no less brilliant) Billy Magnussen.

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‘No Time to Die’ Director Cary Fukunaga Takes on the 007 Legacy

It’s 007 week here at The Nerds of Color, folks! I’ve already raved about the film in our NOC Review last week. But to countdown to the release of Daniel Craig’s triumphant finale as Bond, James Bond, we are releasing one interview a day with the folks who brought us the stunning conclusion to the the Craig era of 007!

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NOC Review: ‘No Time to Die’ is Capital Closure for Craig

It’s a bittersweet experience walking into the final installment of a film franchise you’ve enjoyed for 15 years. Something about the finality of a series you’ve seen grow and develop over the years hits you in the feels. Yes, I know Bond’s been around for close to 60 years. And yes, I grew up watching Bond movies like everyone else. I was nine when Goldeneye came out, and saw all of the Brosnan films as well when they hit theaters too. But to be honest those just didn’t register on any emotional level for me. I simply didn’t care about the character or the franchise unless I was playing as him on N64. That was until Daniel Craig came along.

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Bond is Back in the Final Trailer for ‘No Time To Die’

It’s a fine day for trailers, folks! In addition to this morning’s surprise drop of the next future horror classic from James Wan, we’re now being treated to the final trailer for the Daniel Craig’s last ride as 007, No Time To Die!

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Meet the New Oddjob in 007 Short Film ‘A Kill From The Other Side’

Almost two years ago, Greg Pak took the reins of rebooting the James Bond 007 comic book series but this time, having a revisionist take on a familiar and iconic villain, first introduced in the 1959 novel Goldfinger: Oddjob. Not only was the reimagined take refreshing and very much needed, the series itself was incredibly well done with the plot moving at a brisk pace, the action fun and invigorating to read, and the rivalry/bickering between James Bond and Oddjob (now known as South Korean secret agent John Lee) extremely entertaining and amusing to read.

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007 has ‘No Time to Die’ in the New Bond Trailer!

Bond is back! The trailer for the new 007 film,  No Time to Die just dropped today, and it’s trending pretty high. It’s been four years since the last 007 film, Spectre, which was seen as a bit of a disappointment following the dynamite showcase that was Skyfall. But the always amazing Daniel Craig is stepping back into the tux of the world’s greatest MI6 agent for one final gloriously amazing martini, and he’s bringing Oscar-winner, Rami Malek with him!

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Why Can’t the Next Bond be #AsianBond?

Yesterday, the movie world was shocked (not really) to learn Daniel Craig had turned down a small fortune to return to the big screen as James Bond, leaving a 007-sized hole for the franchise. Of course, the most obvious successor to the Aston Martin is Idris Elba, preferably in a Christopher Nolan-directed 007. Unfortunately, he’s “too street” to be considered, whatever that means. (We know what that means). So why not give an Asian actor a license to kill? Thus, #AsianBond was born on twitter. It’s not like there isn’t a plethora of Asian Brits who could take the role. In fact, I came up with nine. The only caveat is that they all hail from the UK, so sorry John Cho.

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NOC Reviews Spectre: Playing it Safe with Bond

Spectre wasn’t the disaster some reviewers claim but it’s certainly nowhere close to Casino Royale (a film I consider one of the greatest Bond films of all time behind Goldfinger, License to Kill, and For Your Eyes Only).

The problem with Spectre is the similar problem with much of mainstream franchise cinema: “safe” stories with play-it-safe-writing that reduces the cinematic experience to a minor distraction from a busy week instead of an exploration of ideas.

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Too Street? No, Idris Elba is Too Big for Bond

Over the past several weeks, there has been quite a lot of net-chatter about Idris Elba’s suitability for stepping into the role of James Bond. Former Bond, Roger Moore — who, arguably, starred in some of the worst films in the franchise — was against against it; other folks were for it, and current keeper of the literary portion of the franchise, Anthony Horowitz, stated that he felt Elba was “too street” and that Adrian Lester would be a more appropriate Bond.

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Sidekickism Part 2: What a Difference Race Makes

Originally posted at BadAzz MoFo

After the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I wrote a piece about the supporting character Falcon and something called “sidekickism.” Race and racial ideology was at the heart and soul of what I wrote about, which of course rubbed some people the wrong way. Fortunately, I’ve never cared about how my observations about race and racism may or may not upset people who wander through life with blinders on, convincing themselves that it’s all good when it comes to issues of race.

And though it was never my intention to revisit sidekickism, there is more to be said. Because some people still don’t fully comprehend the impact of racial ideology, and how it affects everything — including things as innocuous as pop culture — I wanted to take a look at sidekickism through a very narrow and specific lens. This leads us to today’s topic: Felix Leiter, sidekick to James Bond.

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NOCs of the Roundtable: Favorite Asian Bad Guys

This week on Hard N.O.C. Life, I’ll be interviewing our buddies Stephen and Patrick from the National Film Society. They just premiered their Kickstarted webseries Awesome Asian Bad Guys to packed houses last week during CAAMFest in San Francisco, and I was lucky enough to have them on to talk about the series. In addition to the NFS guys, I’ll also be speaking with Yuji Okumoto, aka Chozen from The Karate Kid II.

All this talk about Awesome Asian Bad Guys got me thinking about which iconic Asian villains are most beloved by the NOCs. So we assembled around the old roundtable and shared our own Awesome Asian Bad Guys.

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Affleck? At Least He was the Bomb in Phantoms

Around 9pm last night, the internet basically broke in half upon news that Warner Bros. had cast Ben Affleck as Batman in the still-unnamed sequel to Man of Steel (now officially scheduled to hit theaters on July 17, 2015). My initial reaction was surprise, but not anger, and especially not the seething fanboy rage that took over my twitter and Facebook feeds shortly thereafter. Sure, #Batfleck isn’t the most obvious choice, but if Bat-history is any indication, the success of any actor’s ability to play a Batman role is inversely proportional to the amount of internet outrage that occurs during the initial casting announcement.

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