New Poster for ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Goes Full Jesus Wick

In the fourth sequel, he will come again! As you can tell, I’m having way too much fun finding biblical parallels throughout The Matrix (actually all Keanu Reeves projects). And today is no exception, as WB has just dropped a gorgeous new poster of John Wick absolving his children of their sins for The Matrix Resurrections. The new film, serving as a reboot/sequel of sorts, comes to theaters and HBO Max this Christmas!

Take a look here:

It really is a lovely looking poster. And I can’t believe we’re actually getting this movie. I’m super excited. But c’mon. Don’t tell me, especially given the Wick hairstyle and beard, that Neo doesn’t look like Jesus. I also realize he’s stopping bullets, but the hand up makes it even more obvious, right? If it wasn’t for people holding guns in the background, I feel like I could pass this out in front of my church along with trading cards of Ewan McGregor’s Obi Wan and convert like 10 people to Catholicism by the end of the day by telling them to “return to the source.”

And it’s coming out on freakin’ Christmas too!

This has to be intentional right? (PS: I’m not sure, but it’s possible I’m going to Hell after this — which will probably be very similar to The Architect scene in Reloaded).

The Matrix Resurrections hits theaters and HBO Max on Christmas (obviously)!