New Song for ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ from Emerging Artist Quantrelle Released

Part of the reason why the original Matrix movies hacked their way into our hearts has to do with the killer soundtrack featured in all three films. After all, it’s difficult to picture the iconic lobby shootout scene without the Propellerheads’ “Spybreak!” playing in the background. Or the thought of Neo flying into the sky without Rage Against the Machine accompanying the image. And in the grand tradition of those classic films, The Matrix Resurrections has tapped emerging artist, Quantrelle, to do a song for the film, that everyone can see next week, on December 22!

The original song, “Back to Life” has been featured very heavily in the film’s promotional campaign so far, and can be heard in the trailer here:

The song beat out thousands of other entries in the contest that was launched by UnitedMasters and Warner Bros. Pictures to give independent artists the chance to win $15K and have their music included in the promotional campaign for this highly film by Lana Wachowski.

Here’s the official press release from Warner Brothers:

NEW YORK, NY (December 17, 2021) — In celebration of the highly anticipated film The Matrix Resurrections, UnitedMasters – the “record label in your pocket” for independent artists – has joined forces with Warner Bros. Pictures to offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for artists to win $15,000 and have their original music included in the film’s promotional campaign.

Today, UnitedMasters has revealed rising hip-hop artist and Charlotte, NC native Quantrelle as the winner of the contest. Quantrelle’s song, “Back to Life,” written specially for the open call, will receive the $15,000 cash prize and be featured in The Matrix Resurrections promotional campaign. Quantrelle’s track was selected as the lead song out of thousands of entries. Watch the spot and listen to the full song.

Quantrelle shared, “When I first started working on this song, the intention was to create a sound that embodied the energy of the movie. Once that feeling was solidified, I got inspired to write lyrics that really speak to the film and are words any Matrix fan would understand. I was really inspired by the scene of Neo dodging bullets, which I watched during the process, and that illustrious moment felt so in sync with what I was going for, that’s when I knew we had something special.”

Five runners-up were also selected to receive $1,000 each to put towards their music careers. Each track was judged by UnitedMasters’ professional sync team and based on encompassing The Matrix themes, overall creativity, production quality, lyrical content, dynamics, mood, and emotion. The Matrix Resurrections is set to release in U.S. theaters and on HBO Max on December 22.

UnitedMasters’ engagement with The Matrix Resurrections aligns with their mission of ensuring the next generation of creators take their futures into their own hands. UnitedMasters is dedicated to helping artists level the playing field by offering opportunities and exclusive resources often reserved for major label acts. The platform gives independent artists access to premium music distribution services, a suite of tools to help directly connect with their fans, and opportunities to connect with brands that want access to premium music produced and owned by independent artists. UnitedMasters artists maintain ownership over their master recording rights while being introduced to millions of new fans worldwide through direct brand partnerships.”

You can listen to the full song “Back to Life” by Quantrelle by clicking here!

The Matrix Resurrections hits theaters and HBO Max on December 22!