Going ‘Buck Wild’ with Simon Pegg from ‘The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild’

The Ice Age is upon us once more! But this time, leading the herd is the incomparable scene stealer, Buck Wild, the adventurous and hilarious scamp who saved Manny, Sid, and Diego from the Dawn of the Dinosaurs back in 2009, and the Collision Course in 2016! And with his return comes the even more amazing return of the extraordinarily talented, Simon Pegg!

I’ve personally been a huge fan of Pegg’s since Spaced and Shaun of the Dead. His Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy with Edgar Wright has literally redefined genre conventions and the modern day movie spoof. But more than that, much like myself, he’s a passionate nerd, dipping his hand into everything from Mission: Impossible, to Star Trek, and Star Wars. And all because he loves it! So it was an absolute honor to meet and discuss his contributions to animation, as Buck, as well!

We discuss his return to the Ice Age franchise, the first film’s 20th anniversary, as well as Mission: Impossible 7 and 8, and his next collaboration with Edgar Wright! Check out what he had to say below:

See Buck’s (and Pegg’s) grand return to the coolest franchise in animation, when The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild hits Disney+, this Friday, January 28!

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