Citizen Ignites Star Wars Celebration with Exclusive Timepieces

Are you at Star Wars Celebration? Looking for some really special watches that will light up the galaxy hotter than Luke did to the first Death Star (Burn on you, Empire)? Then you’ll immediately want to check out the Citizen booth (Hall C, Booth #2743) when visiting the convention.

Today, we were given the opportunity to visit the booth (Hall C, Booth #2743) to check out some of the exclusive timepieces that will be displayed during this weekend’s convention. And let me tell you, these babies are fire! Each day, Citizen will be revealing a new exclusive timepiece. Plus, during Celebration, you can get 20% off all watches! But that’s not all, if you’re a special D23 Gold Member, you can take an additional 25% off from that! Pretty sweet right?

Yesterday, they revealed an awesome X-Wing watch. Today, they revealed an exclusive Yoda Celebration watch. And tomorrow, they’ll be revealing a very cool Darth Vader watch for attendees to check out. Take a look at the exclusives below:

I personally got to check out the Yoda piece up-close-and-personal today, and it was really nice:

Beyond just the exclusives, the booth also offers a great selection of their classic Star Wars products for purchase there or online. Here’s a sampling of some of the styles they’re featuring at the booth:

All in all, it’s just a fun experience, with some really amazing exclusives! If you’re attending Star Wars Celebration, make sure to check out the booth, and the amazing merchandise you can pick up to push your watch collection into hyperspace!

The Citizen booth is Hall C, Booth #2743 only at Star Wars Celebration!