Mason Thames and Madeline McGraw Answer the Call of ‘The Black Phone’

The best ghost story to hit the big screen since The Sixth Sense is calling this week. And to commemorate the release of one of the best films this year, we had the chance to talk about The Black Phone with the stars of the film, Mason Thames and Madeline McGraw. To see what these rising stars had to say about the thrills, chills, and spills of the new movie, check out our interview here.

It’s an incredibly difficult feat to steal the spotlight away from a four-time Oscar winner like Ethan Hawke. But Thames and McGraw do just that in The Black Phone. As Finney, the victim of Hawke’s character, The Grabber, Thames has the difficult job of portraying a character that’s terrified and vulnerable, but also strong and smart; a feat that he accomplishes in spades. Whereas McGraw is posed the equally challenging task of bringing humor and heart to an incredibly dark film, and runs away with the film during each of her scenes as the co-lead to Thames.

Together, these young stars have crafted an on-film brother-sister dynamic that will set the standard for sibling relationships in horror going forward, bringing hope and optimism to an admittedly dark and scary horror film.

Don’t forget to catch The Black Phone in theaters this Friday, June 24!