Talking Rom-Coms with ‘Ticket to Paradise’ Star Lucas Bravo

The rom-com is back! It’s been a while since a proper romantic comedy has hit theaters, but today, the two most legendary names in the genre are back: Julia Roberts and George Clooney star in Ticket to Paradise! But as the two superstars will confirm, it takes more than just two stars to craft an iconic rom-com. Which is where co-star Lucas Bravo comes in!

We had a chance to sit down with the Emily in Paris breakout star about making the transition to movies. He talked about what it was like to share a passionately over-the-top kiss with Julia Roberts, his preference between Paris and Bali (or rather Australia since that’s where the film was shot), and the state of rom-coms today. Check out our interview with Lucas here:

And be sure to check out Ticket to Paradise, officially hitting theaters today!