Atsuko Okatsuka on the Journey to Her HBO Comedy Special, ‘The Intruder’

For comedy nerds of a certain age, the HBO Comedy Special is synonymous with legends like George Carlin, Robin Williams, and Chris Rock. On December 10, Atsuko Okatsuka will add her name to the list when her HBO stand-up special, The Intruder, debuts.

Filmed in Brooklyn just a few months ago, The Intruder details Okatsuka’s experience with a home invasion (or three) during the pandemic in her uniquely offbeat way. In our interview, Atsuko and I talked about the whirlwind of a year she’s had since making her late night debut on the James Corden show and how she’s thankful for her atypical Asian family for turning her into a comedian.

Check out the interview below and watch The Intruder on HBO starting tomorrow night, December 10 at 10pm ET.