‘The Harvest’ Trailer Shines Light on a Hmong Family and Community

It is exciting to see so many Asian Americans being celebrated in film and television lately. With films like Everything Everywhere All At Once, The Farewell and television series like The CW’s Kung Fu and Disney+’s American Born Chinese, Asian Americans are finally getting some visibility, but those films highlight Chinese Americans — which is also great, but limited for other Asians, including South and Southeast Asians.

In Caylee So’s The Harvest, the Hmong community is highlighted, painting how similar yet different this culture is from what western society sees as “Asian.” Doua Moua plays Thai, an aspiring writer who visits his parents and old friends and has to deal with his stubborn ailing father. Feeling the cultural burden of obligation to his family, Thai has to figure out what his next steps are — follow tradition or be his own person?

“As an actor, I was told my type of Asian does not fit into the narrative of America, which led me to writing narratives that I wanted to tell” Moua, who also wrote the screenplay, said in a press statement. “I want to redefine what diversity really means and that is inclusion in front and in back of the camera.”

The screenplay has appeared on the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment List as well as a Nicholl Semi-Finalist and took about ten years for the film to be made. The film is produced by Moua and John Houselog’s company Chiyou Entertainment. Yoson An and Money Vang serve as executive producers.

The Harvest stars Doua Moua (Mulan & Gran Torino), Perry Yung (Warriors & The Knick), Dawn Ying Yuen, Chrisna Chhor, Lucas Velazquez, Hua Lee, Alfonso Caballero, Tomas K Thao, Mai Moua, Tsabmim Xyooj, Kue Lee, Chai Yang, ZhongKhang Yang, Mary Ly, Amery K Thao, Anneston Pisayavong, Arianna Rivas, Blake Kevin Dwyer, Greg Yoder, Christine Lin, and Tress Glenn.

The Harvest has no set release date yet.