‘The Menu’ Celebrates Blu-ray Release with Blockbuster Style

When I first reviewed The Menu I initially liked, but didn’t love it. But after a bit more time, I’ve grown to like it more and more with each viewing. Which would probably bump it up from a B to a B+. So when we got the invite to celebrate the Blu-ray release for the movie, I couldn’t help but get excited to support an event that encourages multiple viewings of the terrific horror comedy!

We were fortunate enough to attend the Blu-ray release party for the film at a Los Angeles pop-up bar called the Blockbuster pop up bar. This limited time cocktail experience invites nostalgic patrons to enter a faux-Blockbuster Video store with shelves lined to the corners with old Blockbuster video cassette cases (for any Gen Z’ers reading this, video tapes were black rectangles filled with ribbons and played on these things called VCRs, and there were stores set up where you could rent the tapes out for a 3-5 day period). The cassettes will have a cocktail recipe and name on it, and you’d bring it to the bar for the bartender to mix your drink.

To celebrate The Menu, the drinks served at the event were themed to the characters film the film, namely Chef Slowak, Margot, and Tyler, and you could pick the tape that represented the drink and character of your choice and bring it to the bar. And to top things off, they served really well made cheeseburgers, just like Slowak made in the film, courtesy of LA eatery Irvs Burgers. I personally imbibed in one cocktail themed after Tyler and another after Margot, and both were great. The Tyler cocktail was a tart, strawberry lemonade vodka concoction, while the Margot drink was a vodka cocktail with a pineapple taste to it.

You can check out a gallery from the event right here:

If you haven’t seen The Menu yet, what are you doing? Grab it now on Blu-ray, or check it out on HBO Max now!