The Middle Geeks Episode 54: The Palestinian Ingenuity of Nadia Shammas

We finally interview Palestinian comic writer Nadia Shammas on their incredible career!

Nadia Shammas is a Palestinian-American Harvey award winning comic writer for their incredible groundbreaking graphic novel Squire, created with Jordanian-American artist Sara Alfageeh, and the co-creator of Where Black Stars Rise with artist Marie Enger. In Squire, Nadia wrote a story inherent to the lived experiences of SWANA peoples across the region, beautifully weaving in our cultures and civilizations with Alfageeh’s similarly extraordinary dedicated art. Nadia has also worked on DC and Marvel titles, writing Arab fan favorite Talia Al-Ghul and Ms. Marvel, the latter in her and Nabi H. Ali’s Ms. Marvel: Stretched Thin. On the podcast today, we are so honored to finally have Nadia on to discuss her career, their foray into comics and fandom, and her consistent advocacy for Palestine and where they see the public conversation on Palestine going.

Follow Nadia on Instagram @NadiaShammas and on Twitter @NadiaShammas_, and buy Squire and Where Black Stars Rise.

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