Craig Robinson and Claudia O’Doherty Discuss Season 2 of ‘Killing It’

Craig Robinson, who is also an executive producer, and Claudia O’Doherty star in Killing It. All episodes of the second season are now streaming on Peacock. 

Killing It is a comedy about class, capitalism, and one man’s quest to achieve the American Dream. But first he has to overcome vicious criminals, nature run wild, and worst of all, corporate America. 


“I sort of love how insanely optimistic she is about like, the grimmest of circumstances and it is really fun playing that character along with Craig’s character, who’s so much of a realist,” O’Doherty shared about her character.

“I love the different relationships, like, ’cause he’s gotta be somebody different with every single person. To his brother, he’s one person, to Claudia, to the swamp people, to Prada Lamonca, and down the line,” Robinson expressed to me. “So, it’s these differences that you might not see, but in my mind, I’m doing them.”

Photo by: Adam Rose/PEACOCK/UTV/USG

I spoke with the duo about their favorite aspect of a comedy like this one, filming memories, how they would tease the new season for fans, what they enjoy most about their characters, and more.

Watch my interview here:

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