The Middle Geeks Episode 58: Free Palestine with Hannah Moushabeck

We speak with Palestinian American kid-lit author Hannah Moushabeck to discuss the ongoing genocide in Gaza, her work, and Palestinian culture.

In the midst of Israel’s ongoing bombardment and genocide of Palestinians in Gaza, with currently over 9,000 dead and over 30,000 more more injured, under the pretense of taking out Hamas leadership since their attack on Israel on October 7, we have on Palestinian American kidlit author and activist Hannah Moushabeck to discuss the ongoing crisis and her career. Hannah is the author of Homeland: My Father Dreams of Palestine, a groundbreaking children’s book that showcases Palestinian culture in Jerusalem through her father’s regaling to her and her sisters. In the midst of so much tragedy, it is even more crucial to discuss Palestinian and other marginalized culture to keep it alive and strong. We also discuss how she and other Palestinians have been protesting for a ceasefire and an end to the occupation and Apartheid Israel imposes on Palestine, other Palestinian and Palestinian-adjacent art we enjoy, and much more.

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