Disney’s ‘Wish’ Wednesdays Continues with Affirmation Song “I’m a Star”

The songs of Disney animated musicals have quite a range. There’s the “I Want” Song, the villain song, the welcome song, and the romantic song just to name more than a few. And every once in a while there comes a song that affirms that you, yes you, can be a star. And so, the studio has debuted “I’m a Star” as a part of their weekly release series, Wish Wednesdays.

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a Disney animated musical without any talking or singing critters. And an entire forest full of animals will come together and join Asha (Ariana DeBose) for “I’m a Star.” The harmonious song is about realizing how much of a star you are even when you doubt yourself.

The song is certainly a confidence booster for those who are unsure of themselves or have ever looked to the stars for all the answers to their existential questions. And “I’m a Star” isn’t just saying that for the listener’s benefit, it wants to let them know that the people that they cherish have always known they were stars as well.

A behind-the-scenes video also takes a look at Alan Tudyk, Disney’s good luck charm, working in the voice booth singing as the yellow pajama wearing goat, Valentino.

“I’m a Star” is available on SiriusXM’s Disney Hits Channel 133, YouTubeAmazon MusicSpotifyApple Music and all digital service providers, “I’m A Star” is the fourth of five songs being revealed as part of the weekly “Wish Wednesdays” music campaign ahead of the film’s launch in U.S. theaters on November 22. All seven songs in the film were penned by Grammy®-nominated singer/songwriter Julia Michaels and Grammy®-winning producer/songwriter/musician Benjamin Rice. 

“I’m a Star” features 22 individual soloists who voice a host of forest animals and plant life that come to life and serenade Asha. “We wanted to have a song that represents what Star is all about,” said director Fawn Veerasunthorn. “Asha has so many questions about Star — primarily, ‘Why me?’ Star is there to remind Asha she has the power to pursue her dreams. And she’s not alone. The song —the movie — is about connection with others.”

Said Michaels, “Asha learns that everything is made of stardust. It is so fun and beautiful and always brings a little tear to my eye when I watch it.” 

Added Rice, “The song is fun and deeply meaningful — through the power of Star’s stardust, all of nature comes to life and explains to Asha that we are all made of the same stuff. We are ALL stars! This song is also one of my personal favorites due to its message and the emotions and truth that it strikes in us all.” 

“There’s a long tradition of singing animals in our animated musicals,” said director Chris Buck. “Baloo sings ‘The Bare Necessities’ with Mowgli, and Sebastian is backed up by all kinds of fish in ‘Under the Sea.’ But we were perhaps most deeply inspired by Snow White and Aurora and those beautiful moments when they sing to the forest creatures — you’ll see some clear references in the animation of ‘I’m A Star.’” 

Written by Jennifer Lee and Allison Moore, Wish opens on November 22, 2023.

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