Nicole Kang on Stepping into the Role of Poison Ivy in ‘Batwoman’

Batwoman fans were shocked, yet excited, when the beloved Mary Hamilton, heart of the Bat-team, found herself transformed into the newest version of Poison Ivy. Before the season hiatus, Mary went Thelma and Louise with her step-sister Alice to evade the rest of the Bat-Team, but now as the season has returned, she’s stepping back into Gotham with bolder intentions to assert her power and never feel vulnerable again.

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Batman May Return But Schumacher is ‘Forever’

When Dominic and I recorded the most recent episode of Hard NOC Life, I mentioned the 25th anniversary of Batman Forever (as well as the 15th and 31st anniversaries for Batman Begins and Batman ’89, respectively, but more on the latter in a second). June used to be a big month for Batman movies. I mention those anniversaries as a launching point for a broader conversation about being a different kind of fan and accepting different interpretations of our favorite characters. And for the last few weeks, I had started reconsidering how I felt about certain films, including the double feature of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, both directed by Joel Schumacher, who died of cancer on June 22.

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