Andy Muschietti Tapped to Lead ‘Batman: The Brave and The Bold’

Now that The Flash is finally in theaters, sending the Snyderverse into the sunset, DC Studios can start looking to the future of its cinematic universe. We know James Gunn will be kicking off the new DCU, helming Superman: Legacy in 2025. And now we know who’s tacking the other half of the World’s Finest: Andy Muschietti will direct Batman: The Brave and The Bold!

According to a statement to Variety from Gunn and co-chair of DC, Peter Safran: Muschietti’s “affinity and passion for these characters and this world” while filming The Flash made him the perfect choice to helm one of the most important pillars of their new shared cinematic universe.

It didn’t hurt that The Flash features some of the best Batman action sequences in years. So it’s fitting that Muschietti would be in line to add to the Caped Crusader’s cinematic legacy. Brave and the Bold promises to stand apart from other Bat-films — including 2025’s The Batman Part II — as it will feature the live action debut of Damian Wayne since it is heavily influenced by Grant Morrison’s “Batman and Son” story arc from the comics.

And if you’ve seen The Flash’s buzzed about ending, you might have guessed that Muschietti also had an affinity for movies that feature Batman and Robin. That said, it’s not clear if the Bruce Wayne we see at the end of The Flash will be the DCU’s Bruce Wayne — thought I’d be all for it if it were so!

We also don’t know when Brave and the Bold (or any of the “Gods and Monsters” DC slate aside from Superman) will be released. There isn’t a writer attached currently, and the ongoing Writers’ Strike will surely affect how soon pre-production can start.