Hard NOC Life 270: ‘Ms. Marvel’ But We Don’t Talk About Bruno

Before Keith, Dominic, and Britney break down the latest Obi-Wan Kenobi, they heap praise upon Ms. Marvel! What’s #NerdPoppin: Stranger Things, Black Adam, and Everything Everywhere All At Once.

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We Watched the ‘Black Adam’ Trailer with Dwayne Johnson

Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to get a first look at the official trailer for Black Adam, followed by an intimate Q&A with star/producer Dwayne Johnson, director Jaume Collet-Serra, as well as producers Beau Flynn and Hiram Garcia. Today, the trailer has been shared with the world! Plus, Johnson and Collet-Serra told me what was most important to them when it came to telling this character’s story.

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DC Can Be Your Heroes, Baby

With apologies to Enrique Iglesias and David Bowie, DC and Warner Bros. just dropped a one-minute teaser showcasing its slate of live action films coming only to theaters in 2022 (the DC Super-Pets were conspicuously absent from the video). While a lot of the footage is recycled from their DC FanDome presentation, there was a lot that was new too.

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The Middle Geeks Episode 31: ‘Dune’ Review

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune adaptation, based on a book that was explicitly and heavily influenced by Middle East and North African (MENA) and Islamic cultures, is out, and we are joined by our friends and fellow MENA critics Hanna Flint and Roxana Hadadi to review it.

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Hard NOC Life 239: HBO Max Beyond DC FanDome

On a new episode of Hard NOC Life, Dominic joins Keith and Britney to recap everything that went down under the DC FanDome, including reactions to teasers for Black Adam, The Flash, and The Batman!

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Finally… You Can Smell What ‘Black Adam’ is Cookin’

After years (and years) in development, Warner Bros. has finally revealed the first official footage of Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam! That’s right, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment is about to be the most electrifying anti-hero in the DC Universe! Literally!

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‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Gotham Knights’ Games Teased in New DC FanDome Trailer

The newest trailer for DC FanDome dropped today and with it came even more hype to get us ready for next Saturday’s event. What stood out for me though were the brief shots of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights that teased some new footage to come at FanDome.

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Full Talent Line-Up Revealed for DC FanDome

It’s coming folks! We are just about two weeks away from year two of DC FanDome. And as is tradition with most cons, the closer we get, the more is revealed! And today the good folks at DC have debuted their all-star lineup of talent that will be making appearances at the highly anticipated virtual con! Take a look here:

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Welcome Back to the DC FanDome

Suit up, DC Fans! Because on Saturday, October 16, you’re needed back at the DC FanDome!

That’s right! After the overwhelming success of last year’s inaugural virtual event, DC announced earlier this year that DC FanDome would be returning. And as of this morning, we are finally getting an official press release, and an announcement regarding the programming we can expect from this year’s event. And it’s looking to be just as epic the second time around.

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The Rock Teases First Look at ‘Black Adam’ in Costume

This morning, Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram to tease his followers with a sneak peek at his Black Adam costume. With production on the film wrapping up, it’s hard to believe the film — which has been in development for nearly as long as this website has been around — is actually happening.

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The Middle Geeks Episode 25: The Falcon, The Winter Soldier, and… Chad

This month, we’re reviewing not one, but TWO series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+, and Nasim Pedrad’s Chad on TBS! What did we think of the overall series and finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier? How well did it handle the sociopolitical and geopolitical themes it tried to tackle? How did Chad do a good job at presenting a normal Iranian American family, and what did we make of the cringe humor style? We also discuss some VERY exciting castings of MENA actors for the Black Adam film, give our recommendations, and much more!

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The Middle Geeks Episode 23: ‘I Still Hide to Smoke’ and a Plethora of MENA News

We’re joined by Mae’s sister Sonia to discuss the inaugural film of Algerian director Rayhana Obermeyer, “I Still Hide to Smoke.” How well does this film convey the experiences of living as a woman in Algeria in the mid-1990s? How are the themes explored applicable to women’s issues worldwide? How amazing is Hiam Abbas in the lead role (answer: incredibly amazing as she is in everything.) We also have a lot of MENA news to discuss, including the news that our fave Marwan Kenzari will be starring in the DCEU’s Black Adam! We also discuss Mauritanian-American actor Mamoudou Athie’s new film project, the announced tv adaptation of Hafsah-Faizal’s “We Hunt the Flame,” which takes place in a fantasy Arabia, the upcoming return of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the Writers Guild of America forming a Middle Eastern Writers Committee, and the exciting news about the establishment of Avatar Studios, which is expanding the animated universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra on Nickelodeon and Paramount+!

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Hard NOC Life 202: Wakanda Vision

Shawn, Dominic, Keith, and Jamal return for an all-new episode of Hard NOC Life. This week, the fellas discuss the latest episode of WandaVision, news of a Wakanda series for Disney+, and what the latest DC Comics event reboot means for The Rock.

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Arabian Sights

The Middle Geeks Episode 18: DC’s Arabian Sights Festival and DC’s MENA Heroes

This month we’re discussing films we watched as part of Washington DC’s Arabian Sights Film festival. With films from Palestine, Lebanon, Tunisia, and more, this festival conveys the array of work being done by MENA filmmakers and we are so excited to share our thoughts with all of you! But before that, we discuss the exciting news of DC/Warner Brothers casting Iranian-American actress Sarah Shahi for Black Adam, the not-so-exciting news of Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins teaming up for a Cleopatra film, and a continuation of our discussion of “cancel culture” regarding a certain Chris (he’s a rich white cis-het man, he’ll be fine y’all). Enjoy listening!

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DC FanDome: Dwayne Johnson Stakes His Claim as ‘Black Adam’

Watching wrestling as a kid both fascinated and horrified me. To have to step into a ring, in front of tens of thousands of cheering and jeering audience members, was no simple feat in my eyes.

If The Rock wasn’t your favorite in the late ’90s and early 2000s, we probably didn’t talk much. It’s no wonder he was the go-to pick to portray Black Adam on the big screen, and during Saturday’s DC FanDome panel, he made it clear to other heroes and heroines in the DC universe he wasn’t to be trifled with.

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DC FanDome Now Two Separate Events + New Trailer

For the past few weeks we’ve been hard at work covering the hotly anticipated DC Fandome, and today we got some new developments! Given how jam-packed with amazing content the event was going to be, the good folks at DC and Warner have decided to split the event into two days!

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Top 10 Highlights from the DC FanDome Schedule!

DC FanDome is almost here! We’re just eight days away from the most anticipated virtual con event of the quarantine year, and to prepare all the good rabid fanboys and fangirls  who have waited patiently on pins and needles with anticipation, DC has revealed its preliminary schedule for fans to go in and create their itineraries for the full 24-hour event.

Fans can go here to view and create their custom schedules.

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Full Talent Line-Up Announced for the DC FanDome

Way back in June, the first details about the DC FanDome, DC’s fan-driven virtual convention, began to emerge. In said article, I said stay tuned to The Nerds of Color for more news on DC FanDome. And well, loyal readers, I aim to keep that promise, and do the opposite of what my dad did that time he promised to take us to Disneyland but didn’t!

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Get Ready for the DC FanDome!

It’s been a long, long quarantine folks. Let’s be honest, under normal circumstances, we’d all be waist deep in Con season — the most wonderful time of the year; starting with Wondercon, then Paleyfest, E3, Anime Expo, and glorious, glorious SDCC. But alas, 2020 has been something of a cruel master. And while truthfully these are a.) first-world problems, and b.) necessary sacrifices to maintain health and safety, yours truly still longs for the ability to take solace and comfort in the simple joys of abandoning life’s problems, and uniting as one ginormous tribe of nerds, hugging and crying over the excitement generated from the world debut of the most anticipated trailers of the year in Hall H. I miss those days, and if you’re anything like me, I’m sure you all do too.

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