Southern Fried Asian: H’Abigail Mlo

Just in time for the holidays, here’s the final Southern Fried Asian of season five to close out 2020! Joining the podcast is H’Abigail Mlo, a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina and one of the founders of Voices of the Highlands, a digital storytelling project featuring Montagnard/Montagnard-American voices on identity, culture, and everyday life.

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FDI Cast 95: Chinese Soap Operas

Production note, the audio is quite bad in this one because Jamie is working with a rental PC and couldn’t figure out how to get his multiple audio interfaces to work with the machine. Also, no intro or outro because those files are on a drive formatted for Mac OSX. So, you know, fuck everything.

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Southern Fried Asian: ‘First Vote’

With less than three weeks to go for the 2020 Presidential Election, Keith sits down with filmmaker and subjects from the new documentary, First Vote: director Yi Chen, podcaster Kaiser Kuo, and professor Dr. Jennifer Ho on this special election edition of Southern Fried Asian.

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Preacher Lawson Talks NBC’s New Series ‘Connecting…’ and More

Preacher Lawson is best known for his appearance on the 2017 season of NBC’s hit series America’s Got Talent where he made it to the final round. Based off his stellar performance, he was invited to compete two years later on both America’s Got Talent: The Champions and Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions where he advanced to the finale.

Lawson was the host of the Facebook Watch series World’s Most Amazing Dogs in 2019 with George Lopez and Lisa Vanderpump and has built a following on YouTube of more than 500,000 subscribers. He just shot his first stand-up special last year, which premiered on BET+, and continues to perform at sold-out venues around the country.

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Carl Choi and Sean Chen Talk NextChapter and the Future of Comics

NextChapter is a new, graphic media publishing and distribution platform of creator owned content focused on building a community for artists and fans to directly connect with each other. Their mission is to provide fans with access to original stories along with the creative process behind them, and unique opportunities to purchase limited edition collectibles such as compendiums, original pages, sketches, and various other pieces of art. I had the pleasure of talking to NextChapter’s founder Carl Choi about its origins and its future, and I also spoke with their first partner artist, the illustrious Sean Chen about his process and projects amidst the pandemic.

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How Disney+’s ‘The One and Only Ivan’ Reflects Life in Quarantine

This is the first of many virtual press conferences the cast and creatives of Disney+’s upcoming film The One and Only Ivan had to deal with in the new age of COVID-19. Veteran actress Dame Helen Mirren, who voices Snickers the talented Poodle in the film, said in the virtual press conference of this new experience, “That’s the amazing thing about our job is that we’re always constantly exposed to completely new experiences, as this is this digital press junket. It’s a first for all of us.”

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‘Council’ of J: An Interview with J. August Richards

Council of Dads on NBC is one of the most special shows on the air right now. The show, which premiered on March 24 and is now on its 9th episode tonight, is a bold look at grief and its impact on families of all shapes and sizes, tackling subjects like transgender identity, adoption, and unconditional friendship. It also features one of the most diverse casts on television. Out of its ensemble, three of its leads are Black, one is Asian, and one is Trans. And to have a mainstream television show on the air right now with a cast that integrated and inclusive is not only rare, but also quite important. And this past week, The Nerds of Color was able to sit down with one of the show’s leads, J. August Richards.

If you grew up watching Angel or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D like I did, you’ll know the name J. August Richards is synonymous with “badass.” After all, playing badass vampire hunter, Charles Gunn, and cybernetically-enhanced superhero, Deathlok tends to give you one heck of a reputation. But what most folks don’t know, is the badass-ery extends well beyond what we’ve seen on the small screen. Richards is a true hero and badass in real life. And the Nerds of Color was able to speak with the Council of Dads star to discover that first hand.

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