Putting the ‘Bebop’ in ‘Cowboy Bebop’ with Steve Aoki and John Cho

It’s time to jam Bebop fans! Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop debuts today! And while it isn’t perfect, it’s still pretty fun in a pretty campy way. However, the one thing the show gets right is the music! And heavily inspired by the terrific music of the original anime, the music in the new adaptation pays homage, while managing to carve out its own identity for itself (much like the show as a whole). And someone who knows all about that is iconic DJ Steve Aoki!

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NOC Review: ‘Cowboy Bebop’ is a Mixed Bag That Will Test the Purists

So much like my review for Snake Eyes, I will set a disclaimer about the fact that I’m by no means a hardcore Cowboy Bebop fan. I’ve seen the full series once through in my life, and I do like it. And I’ve rewatched some of my favorite episodes numerous times, particularly in preparation for the release of this series. But I’m not as emotionally attached or invested in the series as many out there are.

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Netflix Unleashes ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Opening Credits

Our first footage of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop is finally here! As predicted, right on the heels of the poster drop yesterday, the streaming service teamed up with the show’s cast during today’s TUDUM event to unveil the first look to all the rabid fans who have been patiently waiting to see it! And it didn’t disappoint! It’s an almost perfect recreation of the classic anime’s intro!

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Netflix’s ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Drops a Release Date and Awesome First-Look Images

Count it down, folks! Because Cowboy Bebop is finally coming to Netflix on November 19!

The eagerly awaited live-action adaptation of one of the most beloved animes of all time is coming after many years of delays caused by the pandemic and star John Cho sustaining a set injury during filming.

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Netflix’s ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Adaptation Release Date Confirmed

Earlier this week, Netflix released a very tiny featurette about its Cowboy Bebop adaptation revealing a number of awesome bits of news:

  1. John Cho’s hair as Spike
  2. John Cho’s hair as Spike
  3. John Cho’s hair as Spike
  4. The original composer of the original anime series will be returning for the Live-Action Series
  5. The show will finally debut on Netflix this Fall!
  6. John Cho’s hair as Spike
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Good Times at Animé Los Angeles

Hey guys, Edward here. My fellow NOC writer Josephine Chang and I seriously like to geek/nerd out at all the major SoCal conventions, especially the anime ones. So with that being said, it gives us great pleasure to talk to you all about Animé Los Angeles.

Established in 2005, ALA is a medium-sized, community-focused anime convention with a more moderate-paced environment. And these days where many conventions are rather chaotic in size and nature, ALA has become a nice reprieve. If you’re a first timer when it comes to anime conventions, this is the one for you.
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