‘Cowboy Bebop’ Official Trailer and New Poster Drop

We are almost to November 19 everyone! Which means we’re that much closer to the premiere of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop!

Lately, we’ve been getting some really neat sneak peeks here and there, from the incredible posters that have dropped to the amazing almost shot-by-shot recreation of the opening sequence. Well today the streaming service has dropped the official trailer!

Without giving anything away, we wanted to share it all with you so you could savor for yourselves! 3…2…1… Let’s jam!

The trailer gives us a lot of action! A lot of humor! And a lot of awesome spectacle! I think it’s safe to say Netflix has lovingly crafted a wild ride. And I cannot wait to see this!

They also dropped a new poster for the series which you can check out below!

Mark your calendars for November 19 folks! Because Spike, Faye, and Jet are coming to collect when Cowboy Bebop hits Netflix!