Star Command is Calling! Teaser and Poster for ‘Lightyear’ Lands

Back in 1995, when Andy went through his “Buzz Lightyear” phase, didn’t you wonder what all the fuss was about? Well Pixar, leaving no stone unturned, is finally going to show you! And they’re bringing out Steve Rogers from retirement to do it!

Just when you thought the Toy Story franchise was done, Pixar ropes us back in with the eagerly anticipated spin-off, Lightyear. But here’s the twist — This isn’t your regular Toy Story film! This is the sci-fi action story about the hero the toy line was based on. This is intended to be the same movie that inspired the Buzz toy we all knew, love, and secretly wished would come to life when we weren’t around, and became a national phenomenon that swept Andy’s fictional world.

Now it’s our turn to get into the “Lightyear” craze! Check out the teaser trailer here:

Pixar is pulling out all the stops to ensure you don’t mistake this for a regular Toy Story movie, while still remaining as true as possible to the resemblance of the original toy we know and love. The animation for the world looks photoreal and astonishing. And the characters feature a closer resemblance to their human characters in films like Soul or Inside Out. That said they’ve made sure to keep Buzz’s trademark strong jaw, and a more mature version of the original suit!

Additionally, they’re bringing on Chris Evans — good old Cap himself — to voice the titular character that inspired the Tim Allen-voiced toy! Lightyear is directed by Angus MacLane, who co-directed 2016’s Finding Dory, and the surprisingly mature Toy Story of Terror. This will be his feature directorial debut!

Additionally, Pixar put out this nifty looking poster for the film. Check it out below!

Lightyear hits theaters June 17, 2022