Six Seasons and a ‘Community’ Movie

As if there aren’t enough services to subscribe to, Peacock just made an announcement that will finally get me to splurge on NBCUniversal’s streamer: seven years after it got its sixth season (albeit on Yahoo Screen, whatever that is), Community will finally get its movie too!

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Director Lena Khan on Disney+’s ‘Flora & Ulysses’ and That Ms. Marvel Question

Here’s my interview with Lena Khan, the director of the new Disney+ original movie, Flora & Ulysses. We talk about the movie and what she might have done with another upcoming Disney+ original, Ms. Marvel!

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A Grrreat Time with The Tiger Hunter

I’ve been waiting for over a year to say this since I first saw it at the LA Asian Film Festival last May:

The Tiger Hunter is one of the most delightful comedies I’ve seen in quite some time. It’s also one of the best films about the Asian immigrant experience, one that doesn’t mock or ridicule the immigrants but rather honors them for the sacrifices they made to achieve the American dream. These are some mighty high praises and now expectations but I’ll go into detail why this charming indie film starring Danny Pudi and Karen David deserves your attention after a brief synopsis of what this film is all about:

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