On ‘Kung Fu,’ Yvonne Chapman is Making Evil Look Good

When Yvonne Chapman first received the call that she was cast in the reboot of The CW’s Kung Fu, she was over the moon and immediately called her husband and friends. It all happened so quickly for the Calgary native. When Chapman first auditioned for the role of the villainous Zhilan — an ageless Guardian who is determined to collect all the mythical swords that, if in the wrong hands, could destroy the world — she immediately fell in love with the character. 

“The entire time I was like ‘oh man, I really hope I get this,’” Chapman revealed on the phone with The Nerds of Color last week. “I remembered in that time with my friends and my husband that I [had a] feel in my gut. I just felt like it was really right for me. It was just hoping that other people felt the same.”

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‘Kung Fu’ Star Eddie Liu is Here to Entertain You

Eddie Liu is a certified heartthrob.

We all knew this when we first saw Liu’s portrayal of Steve, the hunky jock and ex-boyfriend of Kamala in Netflix’s hit series Never Have I Ever. Liu ended up being a fan favorite and praised on social media, but his character was ultimately dumped by Kamala at the end of the first season. But Liu wants you to know that there is more to him than his dashing good looks and amazing physique. He’s also pretty charming and a known goof among his castmates. Fortunately, we get to see more of Liu’s charming good looks and boy-next-door personality in the new CW martial arts series, Kung Fu

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Action-Filled ‘Kung Fu’ Reboot is Relatable for Asian Americans

It has been almost 50 years since the premiere of 1972’s western martial arts series Kung Fu, which starred white actor David Carradine yellowfacing as a mixed Asian Shaolin monk. Back then, that was the norm for Asian character roles. But now, Kung Fu is getting a complete reboot/retelling of the story and righting the wrongs that were made from the original. Developed by Greg Berlanti and Wendy Mericle, the new series centers around a Chinese American woman, Nicky Shen (Olivia Liang), who returns home to San Francisco, after spending three years at a Shaolin Monastery in China to escape the familial pressure to be successful and marry into a nice Chinese family. Her time at the Monastery is cut short when her mentor/teacher, Pei-Ling (Vanessa Kai)  is murdered by a mysterious assassin. With nowhere else to turn to, Nicky returns home to face the family she abandoned and somehow find Pei-Ling’s killer. 

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