How AMC Ruined ‘The Walking Dead’ (In 5 Simple Steps)

I used to go hard for TheWalking Dead. I joined the party in early Season 2 after binge watching all of Season 1 on a rainy weekend.  I was obsessed. Not only did I buy Season 1 almost immediately, I demanded everyone I know and love watch it too.  It was that good.  Sure. It was a show about the zombie apocalypse, but as any true die hard fan will tell you, it was about so much more.  The characters were human and complex.  They were struggling to maintain some semblance of morality while the whole world plunged off the deep end.  Along with the rest of the world, I laughed every time Carl got lost, cried when zombie Sophia wandered out of the barn, secretly rooted for Shane, and suffered PTSD after Hershel lost his leg… and head.  Each week was an event. Texts sent. Tweets shared. Merriment abound.  Then, a dumpster in Season 6 ruined it all.

Here is my take on how AMC ruined America’s number one cable show (in 5 simple steps):

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Now or Later: We’ll Need to Deal with That Death on The Walking Dead

This essay contains spoilers for both the television series and the comic book.

I don’t have cable. So I usually have to wait until the day after to watch The Walking Dead. As luck would have it, I’m in a cheap hotel with complementary AMC with my daughter when the episode “Thank You” airs. Six years old, my daughter is in the bath and complains about the sound from my television show — the two things that she fears the most, while awake and in her nightmares, are racists and zombies. Our compromise is that I turn the sound down and the captions on. And then I watch one of my favorite characters in pop culture get deluged in zombie claws, teeth, blood and guts.

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