‘Deadpool 2’ Review: Sequel is More of the Same

Sequels are extremely hard, especially when you have a completely different person in the director’s chair and the first film was a massive hit. The first Deadpool relied on Ryan Reynold’s charm, crude jokes, and kickass major fight-to-the-death scenes that earned the film’s R-rating. All of that paid off. Deadpool became the second highest grossing R-rated movie in U.S. history after Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. And, if you’re wondering, yes, the sequel does mention this achievement.

As for the film’s sequel, Deadpool 2 uses the same elements as the original film, including breaking the fourth wall, mentioning Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, mocking the X-Men, tons of pop culture references, and, of course, plenty of penis jokes. Sure, the jokes are funny and the surprise cameos will pleasantly shock you, but it really felt predictable and more of the same thing.

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