Hooked on the Guardians of the Galaxy

The Nerds can’t stop talking about Guardians of the Galaxy! For this week’s Hard N.O.C. Life, the panel tackles the phenomenon that is Marvel Studios’ latest blockbuster success and what that means for the Distinguished Competition across the street.

Joining Keith on the panel are Wall Street Journal columnist Jeff Yang (@originalspin), and former Jeopardy  champ Arthur Chu (@arthur_affect) along with regular panelists N’Jaila Rhee (@blasianbytch) and Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria (@rscpokenword).

Topics covered on the show include:

  • Why Jeff thinks Guardians was less than good because plot holes
  • Why Jeff is wrong and why everyone else thinks Guardians was actually kind of awesome
  • The difference between bright and colorful Marvel Studios and the grimdark of the DC movies
  • How the movie taps into everyone’s nostalgia for big, fun, loud action comedies
  • The episodic serialization of the MCU versus the scattered continuities of DC’s live action properties
  • Why Chris Pratt might be an a-hole but not 100% a dick
  • And watch as Jeff battles his own “Demon in a Bottle” Tony Stark-style throughout the episode!
  • All this and more on Hard NOC Life! Watch it on your screen, hit “play,” and check this.

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