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N.O.C. One-Shot: Green Lantern Ruined the DC Cinematic Universe

In this outtake from last week’s Hard N.O.C. Life with William Evans from Black Nerd Problems, Keith and N’Jaila get him on a rant about the 2011 Green Lantern film and how it ruined the nascent DC Cinematic Universe it was supposed to launch..

William has written before about how the DC Cinematic Universe has gone off the rails. A three-part series at Black Nerd Problems called “The No Chill DC Movie Conversation” kicked off with William’s takedown of Man of Steel.

The Green Lantern piece referenced in the video was actually part two of this series, and can be found here. Finally, he tries to determine if Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment even have a grand plan here.


  1. Lol what bullshit! The DC cinematic universe is still going strong so we know this whole thing is nothing but pathetic bullshit.

    1. Yes, it’s bullshit. But what can you?
      It’s bullshit. It sucks to be you.
      The thing you really love is just a big waste of time.
      You go into denial and that’s not a crime.

      Yes, it’s bullshit. But what can you?
      It’s bullshit. It sucks to be you….

  2. It’s not easy being green. The legacy of the Green Lantern film may haunt DC Entertainment for more years to come. A film like Guardians of the Galaxy knows how to embrace the far-fetched. But WB seems to have sprinted to the other side believing that less humour is the safest direction.

    It’s a bunch of aliens wearing rings and green tights. What else can the audience expect from that? I certainly didn’t expect haunting reminders of Howard the Duck when Tim Robbins and fatheaded scientist appeared.

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