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Tom Mison Reads Amazon’s Free The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Audiobook

Just in time for Halloween, Amazon is giving away a free download of Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow through its Audible store. Here’s the kicker for all you SleepyHeads, though. The audiobook is narrated by none other than Ichabod Crane himself, Tom Mison!

Unfortunately, this version is the original Washington Irving classic so there are no references to Moloch, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, or George Washington’s secret society of supernatural soldiers, but that’s not stopping Sleepy Hollow fans from downloading the book in droves.

We’re not sure how long this free giveaway will last, but we suggest that if you want to listen to Mison’s dulcet tones reading the story that has made him a heartthrob on the internet, you best get to Amazon sooner than later.



  1. I received my download, though I cannot listen to it on an iPod or iPad or tablet, for I have not these…merchandises. Audible I must do…wait, wait, wait, when did I have to enter a username and password?

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