Gotham & Sleepy Hollow: More Mixed Feelings on Monday Nights

This week both episodes of Gotham and Sleepy Hollow left me feeling a lot less meh, especially Sleepy Hollow. During Gotham, I noticed on my Twitter timeline either a lot of rage toward the Arkham storyline or a lot of excitement seeing the asylum for the first time on the show. Since I am not a reader of the comic books and unfamiliar with the Batman canon, perhaps I am less disturbed and annoyed by the way Arkham (and the role of the Wayne family) was introduced on the show.

Episode four of Sleepy Hollow, on the other hand, had an embarrassment of riches for #Ichabbie shippers. Those golden shipper moments in combination with some great action and comedic scenes made this episode much more fun to watch and live-tweet.

Here are some choice tweets for this week’s episodes of Gotham and Sleepy Hollow, “Arkham” and “Go Where I Send Thee…” respectively. For more, check out the hashtags #Gotham and #YungGotham for the Batman prequel and #SleepyHeads and #SleepyHolla for some great tweets.



One thought on “Gotham & Sleepy Hollow: More Mixed Feelings on Monday Nights

  1. Gotham…another story…As for Sleepy Hollow, damn I wish I lived in the States! I wanna live-tweet about Ichabbie! T_T

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