Tanuj Chopra’s Chee and T Told with G.I. Joe Figures

Chee and T is the newest film by my homie Tanuj Chopra (Punching at the Sun, Nice Girls Crew) and is currently being funded on Indiegogo. With a little less than two weeks left in the campaign, his crew has pulled out all the stops to reach their $75,000 goal. Right now, the project is about 65% of the way there, but they need one last push to get it over the top.

So what better way to raise awareness for their movie than getting a bunch of classic G.I. Joe action figures and reenacting the movie?

Trying to make each other laugh became a screenplay collaboration between two friends, rapper/writer Chee Malabar and filmmaker Tanuj Chopra. The story resulted in Chee and T: an acidic and raucous comedy about the last two guys in Silicon Valley who have nothing to do with technology.

If you want to see this movie with real live people — and not 3 3/4 action figures, though maybe if we raise enough money, we can get a stop motion, all-Joe version too — go to the movie’s Indiegogo page and contribute if you can.