Check Out the Trailer for Birdman Returns

I wrote about Birdman a couple weeks ago. It’s still my favorite movie of the Fall, and I hope it gets showered with accolades come Awards Season.

Anyway, over on Fox Searchlight’s official YouTube channel, they’ve posted this retro trailer for the fictitious 1992 epic Birdman Returns, and it is awesome.  Check it out for yourself after the jump.

I mean, it’s a perfect send up of movie trailers from the early 90s. Of course, while Riggan Thomson was breaking box office records in Birdman Returns, Michael Keaton was doing the same in Batman Returns. If the Iñárritu film is a big enough hit, I wonder if Fox would ever consider a real Birdman flick?

In the meantime, I hope this teaser ends up on the blu-ray.