Track Commentary: “Star-Lord (Remix)”

by Adam WarRock | Originally posted on tumblr

I’m doing track-by-track commentary on my new EP, Gifted Student. You should go grab the new EP at my bandcamp site.

Last day, last track. First of all, thanks to everyone who’s bought the album. I’m excited to perform about some of these songs live on tour, and by the shipping info, I am getting the CDs today, and will promptly start shipping them out this week.

I originally made “Star-Lord” over a year ago, around the time that Guardians of the Galaxy came out in theaters. It’s got almost 20,000 views on YouTube, So we decided to remix it, because I actually made the song before I ever even saw the movie. So I got a chance to make little updates to it.

I actually was in the room when Mikal made this beat. He was sampling some random old songs, and I forced him to stop on this beat, and he intentionally tried his best to make it as stupid and fluffy as possible. And halfway through it, I was like “Wait a minute… this is the ‘Star-Lord’ remix!” and I started rapping it, and he was like “Good god, it is” much to his chagrin. What started out as a beat we both were kind of making fun of, turned into probably one of our favorite songs on the album.

Also, saying “ooga chaka” so much is exhausting, and harder than you think!

Last time — if you haven’t bought the new album, I’d ask you to consider supporting the site, my music, and well, me, and buy a copy — or hey, come out to a show. Music is how me and Mikal live, and we worked our asses off on this album. I hope you enjoy it.

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