NOC Recaps iZombie: Shock Jock

Trait of the Week: Straight talk relationship advice, with a hostile edge

In our eighth episode of iZombie, Liv thinks about sex. A lot. She has it, she listens to a morning sex talk show, and she dispenses advice on it. But those three things may only last for so long.

After sealing the deal with Lowell, Liv is really into relationship advice shows, namely Great Morning Sex hosted by Sasha Arconi. Just as Liv is getting into “Cheated on in Chattanooga’s” story, Sasha is electrified live on the air. Talk about a ratings killer.

Liv and Clive investigate, trying to discover if “Cheated On” was the murderer and if so, who she is. From Kaley, Sasha’s assistant, to a rival (and supremely gross) talk show host, back to Jane (the Liz Lemon to Sasha’s Jenna Maroney), the case is once again not as interesting as what Liv does with her personality traits.

She tries to pry information about Clive’s love life and shuts down Ravi’s interest in her roommate Peyton. She claims it’s because Peyton is a maneater and she tries to “shrink” Ravi, but he’s having none of that. He snaps back, “This brain you’re on? She’s a bit of an ass. Straight talk.” (We also learn that Ravi has great parents who think he “hung the moon.” More Ravi backstory please!)

Liv has a Jerkass Realization and connects Peyton and Ravi, who may not make it to the date. Distracted by thoughts of sex, the zombie rat scratches Ravi even through chain mail gloves. NOOO SAY IT ISN’T SO!

Bad Zombie Rat!
You should’ve kept this instinct Ravi!

BUT, hey, if Ravi turns into a zombie (or even just scientifically contemplates it) maybe we’ll get an answer on why zombies of color stay tan/brown, while white zombies become whiter and pale…

Meanwhile, Major was beaten up in prison (leading to both Ravi and Peyton coming to collect him and having what Ravi calls, “a moment”) but he’s not letting that — or the police cover up — stop him from continuing to investigate on his own. He tries to tell Liv, and gets as far as the Candy Man’s brain in a box, but she shuts him down too. Major ends up looking for a gun, who knows what his internet search of “uses for brains” turned up, but if pop culture in iZombie is the same as ours, he’s choosing the wrong weapon.

Liv and Lowell share another satisfying… foot massage and breakfast. Liv comes to two realizations: the brain she’s just eaten is Jerome’s and Blaine is supplying Lowell with brainfood. Is he aware of Blaine’s villainy? We’ll find out next time!

Brain Teasers

  • Ravi does a teen brain teasers puzzle (making this section very literal) and feels slightly embarrassed when Peyton sees it, but hey, why waste a good puzzle?

  • I CACKLED when Liv found the dead rats and said, “The Lannisters send their regards.” She watches Game of Thrones! I’m surprised Ravi’s phone didn’t start ringing with the “Rains of Castamere.” Are these perhaps the Rats of Castamere?
  • “He’s white and murderous. You did it, you made a zombie rat!” I will never stop asking why black and brown people don’t turn white and they keep giving me more reasons to ask the question.
  • Chuck, the gross rival talk show host, needed to die. “Women, your mouths were not made for talking.” I am very disappointed he didn’t end up brain food. Perhap he’ll be back, and then he will die?
  • “Knowing you’re being affected by the brain you just ate doesn’t always stop you from acting on it’s impulses.” Otherwise, we wouldn’t have a show…
  • “I can’t talk about fight club. Crap.” The pop culture references on this show are really great and feel natural from these characters. Unlike other shows where just one character is the pop culture king (like with Cisco or Felicity on The Flash and Arrow), everyone in this world makes references just like people do in real life.
  • “You don’t think I’d be featured in the pages of Hunks Quarterly. […] I’m a tall doctor with fantastic hair and a British accent.” Seriously, what more do you need?!
Ravi, can you please cure this before you go FOZ?!

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